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THE OUKA WORLD LET'S SAVE OUR CLIMATE (English language edition)

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Nouveau format : format américain "letter size" (plus petit et plus large), avec une couverture ULTRA souple pour être inséré encore plus facilement dans le cartable ! 


REVISED FORMAT for the book in english ("letter size", super flexible cover) perfect for schoolbags.

Teach your kids the issues of climate change, with a wonderful tale! Second edition under the patronage of UNESCO. Forward: Nobel Peace Prize winner Jean Jouzel. Ideal age: 4 - 8 years old.

Delivery under 1 to 5 days in general. 


Subtitles in English available for this video.


 The OUKAS are creatures that live in a marvellous world. One day they come on holiday to our planet and they notice that everything is going wrong. The countries that should be nice and warm are dry, in the countries that should be cold the ice is melting and in the countries where the weather should be mild, that is not too hot or too cold, there are floods. So the OUKAS try to find a solution to save our planet! 


Book available on this site, delivered anywhere in the world.

For professionals (libraries and bookstores), book referenced on Electre and Dilicom.

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  • A book validated by IPCC scientists
  • A paper made only from tree cuts allowing the regeneration of forests
  • ISBN: 978-2-9552150-3-6 
  • Letter size, paperback
  • Number of pages: 40 quadri

More info on the website: www.ouka.fr


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